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Impreglon acquires majority of Hi Tech company, Capital increase utelized to implement "One stop shop" strategy


With a share of 75% Impreglon SE acquired the majority of newly found LASGA Lasertechnik und Metallbearbeitung GmbH in Hamburg-Schenefeld, a later spin-off of the Günter Kubbe GmbH, originally found in 1983. Similar to Impreglon’s daughter company MBJ Maschinenbau Jessenitz GmbH LASGA’s main business is Laser cutting and welding of metal components, prior to coating.

Whereas MBJ concentrates on working with heavy metal plates and sheets to be coated later LASGA’s speciality centers around thinner metal sheets made of stainless steel. In combination with Impreglon Oberflächentechnik GmbH of Lüneburg with its unique coating operation Lasga nicely complements services offered by the group. In 2011 LASGA expects sales of slightly below 5 million Euro. In order to show that LASGA is part of the Impreglon group the company name will change to Impreglon Lasertechnik  und Metallbearbeitung GmbH.

After a 46% sales increase to over 54 million Euro in 2010 and now with 19 plants in 10 countries Impreglon expects sales of approximately 70 million Euro for 2011.

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