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Impreglon launches Its Own BioTech Division - New Biological Waste Air Purification Proves its Merit at Impreglon


As a consequence of the coating specialist's strong growth 21 plants in 10 countries there was a need for a suitable waste air purification system. It had to be a modular concept that could be adapted to the different sizes of the plants and that applies an efficient and biological process.

What Impreglon found was a new biological purification method for which a patent application had been filed. It met all of the requirements and was previously available only as a prototype. Impreglon decided to take the plunge and purchase the exclusive license for the procedure. The first two standard systems have been installed in Germany and France, and they passed the respective governmental emissions tests with flying colors.

In contrast to conventional waste air purification systems, the new method is distinct in its compact design, minimal maintenance requirement and very low operating cost. The systems can be used around the world for industrial applications, agriculture and sewage plants of any size. Impreglon is planning to build a new plant in Zwickau that will produce 30 systems per year.


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