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Second Plant in China
New Plants in the USA and Australia


After the first successful joint venture in Shanghai focusing on the "automotive industry", the contract has now been signed for a second joint venture company in the Shanghai area. The new consolidation of the Shanghai-based technology specialist KeyonTechs with Impreglon SE (51%) will concentrate on polymer and fluoropolymer coatings for general machinery manufacturers as well as production facilities in all different industries. Production is scheduled to begin in the second half of 2014.

To better serve customers in the "oil and gas" field and accommodate the higher volume, Impreglon Surface Technologies in Houston, Texas has merged the divisions "thermal spraying" and "polymer coatings" in a new, larger facility at the existing location.

Despite the weak economy in Australia right now, Impreglon has to set the course for the future: The existing location is too small for new processes and the lease expires at the end of 2014. The new plant will be purchased by Impreglon Australia. It has ample space for expansion and is only five minutes away from the old location.

With 34 plants in 15 countries on four continents, Impreglon is one of the global leaders in surface technology.

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