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Aalberts Industries N.V. bids for Impreglon
Public Offer for EUR 14.00 per Share


In a press release, published this morning Aalberts Industries N.V. announced that it intends to make a Public Offer for all outstanding Impreglon shares. Aalberts has sales of approx. EUR 2.1 billion with similar sales and number of sites as Impreglon in the surface technology sector. Coating processes and customer bases are complementary to Impreglon’s business.

In the Public Offer, which will be announced shortly Aalberts plans to offer EUR 14.00 per Impreglon share, which roughly represents an increase of 21 % over the current market price. The offer for the convertible bond is priced at EUR 132.33 plus accrued interest.

Aalberts wants to acquire a minimum of 75 % of all outstanding Impreglon shares. The two major Impreglon shareholders, founder and CEO H. J. Claassen and J. F. Müller & Sohn AG, support the offer and acknowledge that it presents a substantial premium to the existing share price. In case the offer is accepted by the shareholders they will transfer their 55 % share majority to Aalberts. In view of the huge growth potential in the surface technology sector, which Impreglon would not be able to realize without a financially strong majority shareholder, Aalberts offers a solid perspective for the future. With the help of Impreglon, Aalberts wants to grow its business in surface technology. Both companies believe in decentralized management and share an identical corporate culture which will insure continuity in leading the company in the future.

With 35 plants in 15 countries on 4 continents Impreglon is one of the global leaders in surface technology.      

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