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Company portrait of Impreglon SE

Establishment date: April 1983 "ChemCoat GmbH Chemische Beschichtungen"
since 1985 "Impreglon Deutschland GmbH Chemische Beschichtungen"
since 2001 "Impreglon GmbH"
since 2003 "Impreglon AG"
since 2006 Listing at Stock Exchange
since 2010 "Impreglon SE"
Accounting standard: IFRS
Business year: Calendar year

Trading and stock market information

Symbol: I3M 

Stock market division: m:access
Total number of shares: 10.036.337
Share capital: EUR 10.036.337
Designated Sponsor: CEFDEX AG

Shareholding structure
GMT Investment AG: approx. 90,8%
Freefloat: approx. 9,2%

Members of the board of directors
- Dr. Michael Becker, Technology, Equipment, Processes
- Dr. Karsten Fischer, Research & Development
- Carsten Gralla, Marketing and Sales, ERP, Quality Management
- Dr. Uwe Lemcke, Key Accounts, Automotive
- Jürgen Wenzel, Powder Coatings, Wet Paints

Members of the supervisory board

- Oliver Jäger, chairman of the supervisory board

- Ralf Krämer, Member of the supervisory board

- Dr. Jörn Großmann, Member of the supervisory board

Description of the business
Impreglon SE currently operates 36 coating facilities in 14 countries serving all branches of industry. The 3 main business segments are “OEM” (original equipment manufactures), production companies (aftermarket) and the automotive sector. Impreglon guarantees its customers a worldwide coating standard of the highest quality.