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Automotive Industry

The automotive industry, with its continuous innovations, demands better and better performance of technical surfaces. Production methods that protect the material and the environment as well as long-lasting properties are of utmost importance. Impreglon offers its customers a wide variety of surfaces with different or combined properties:
  • CrVI-free corrosion protection with HZP zinc flake system
  • Barrier protection with KLT dip coating 
  • Friction and noise reduction with antifricor slide coating
  • Easy cleaning with TempCoat nonstick coatings
  • Decorative surfaces with FlexiColor powder coatings

Impreglon works with state-of-the-art application methods such as dip spinning, dip coating, drawing and coating and fully automatic wet spray or powder coatings.

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Durable corrosion protection with good sliding properties 
Abrasion-resistant slide coating and good protection from wear 
Nonstick coating eliminates the need for release spray and extensive cleaning