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Drum spraying

Drum spraying is a hot-drum process, which is used for coating small components in a closed spraying chamber (Rotamat«).

During this efficient and cost-effective process the small parts that are to be coated are poured into a rotating drum, which is enclosed by a housing. One or several spray robots are used for spraying the coating material evenly on the parts, which are rolling around each other and can be comprised of different materials.

The coating material, which is applied with little loss, dries on the tempered parts during processing so that a visually homogenous surface is created. After the coating is finished, the parts can easily be removed from the swivel-mounted drum. Curing or finishing of the coated parts is unnecessary.

- Multifunctional solid lubricant

Delta MKSDelta MKS«
- Powerful corrosion protection with zinc flakes

- Wear resistant slide coatings with nonstick properties
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Easy cleaning without cleaning agents and cloths thanks to nonstick coating 
A coating that provides improved nonstick properties and low friction values 
Corrosion protection coating with very good barrier protection for warm, humid environments