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Impreglon Coatings in Altdorf is one of the few companies in Switzerland which can offer the complete range of surface treatment with inorganic and organic coating. This allows you as a customer to reduce the processes and save transport routes. With over 100 years of experience in surface finishing by anodizing, cathodic dip painting, galvanic zinc plating, tin plating, zinc phosphating, Sprimag rotary transfer machines, wet paint coating, powder coating, polymer coating, slide coating and complete cleaning to glass bead blasting and sandblasting, the Altdorf site offers a wide range of services in the surface treatment. Apart from the development and application of coatings, we take all the necessary additional services from procurement, to warehousing and delivery of the final customer components (One Stop Shop).

Impreglon Coatings in Altdorf stands for quality, precision and reliability. We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949 certified. We place great importance on comprehensive advice on all aspects of surface technology, taking into account the company's own laboratory.

Our coating services as part of the Impreglon-Group

  • Corrosion protection
  • Nonstick coating
  • Slide coating
  • Wear protection
  • Antimicrobial

Our process services as part of the Impreglon-Group

  • Anodizing
  • Electroplating
  • Phosphating
  • Cathodic dip painting
  • Wet painting
  • Powder coating
  • Polymer coating

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Impreglon Coatings AG
Industriezone Schächenwald
6460 Altdorf

+41 41 875 6700 +41 41 875 6701

How to find us

How to find us - Altdorf

Additions services

  • Paint stripping
  • Sandblasting and glass bead blasting
  • Aqueous cleaning
  • Solvent degreasing
  • Burnishing of stainless steels
  • Laboratory

Services & Know-how

Our quality is evident in every detail

Optimum product quality and short delivery times are the result of years of experience, our direct communication with the customer, our flexible manufacturing facilities and our expertise. Opt for Safety in your manufacturing process.

We do not work product-related but solution-oriented. It
is a priority for us to identify the best solution for the customer. Therefore, at the beginning stays always the question of your needs and the mission area.

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The laboratory is divided into three main areas: chemical analysis, materialography and tribology. Various services are offered:

Chemical analysis
Samples and baths can be analyzed for its composition with the following different test methods (X-ray fluorescence, atomic absorption spectroscopy, photometry, salt spray test and titration).

The structure of metallic alloys, composites and coatings is investigated by appropriate preparation and observation methods. The results are documented electronically. The influences of the formation (thermal treatments, deformation, machining, surface modifications, etc.) and use (corrosion, deformation, damage, fatigue, etc.) can be detected.

Tribology is the area of research that examines the interaction between two relatively moving surfaces, their lubrication and atmosphere. Through our tribometer, an accelerated simulation of the real case can be achieved. Wear and friction behavior and life prediction will be determined in various tribological systems. The influence of lubrication in the form of oils, fats or lubricious coatings between two bodies can be investigated under the influence of various test parameters in detail.


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For our customers in the sports sector, the entire range of coating processes is used. Depending on the desired final result, organic (wet or powder coating, cathodic dip painting) or inorganic coating processes (anodizing, burnishing, phosphating) are used. The goal is constantly to offer an optically homogeneous and long term stable coating with good corrosion protection properties.

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In the automotive sector components are galvanized, phosphated, cathodically dip painted, anodized and coated with sliding paints. This in order to reduce the corrosion, minimize friction and wear and extend significantly the component working life.

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For the aviation domain, components are metallographic examined to verify their quality, as well as surface-treated in order to significantly increase the corrosion protection. Various coating processes can thus be employed (anodize, cathodic dip painting, phosphating and painting).

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Tested quality

Impreglon Coatings AG stands for quality, on-time production, precision and reliability.
We place great value to comprehensive advice on all aspects of surface technology, with the support of our professional in-house laboratories.
Impreglon Coatings AG offers its customers a complete service with development, prototyping and testing up to series production with collection and delivery service of the parts.

     ISO 9001: 2015            Quality Management
     ISO 14001: 2015           Environmental Management
     IATF 16949                   Automotive