Premium coatings worldwide

from Lüneburg to Shanghai

The Impreglon Group

35 locations, 15 countries, 4 continents  – the Impreglon Group is a global player, providing exceptional coating quality around the world.

Over 5,000 customers from the most varied branches rely on us. Our goal is to continually earn their trust and to not only surpass the demands of our customers every single day, but also our own.

Worldwide quality

In order to be able to guarantee our high quality standards all over the world, a network of specialists is required who are in permanent dialog with one another. Our engineers develop new solutions, processes and products on a daily basis. And this new knowledge is shared within the Impreglon Group. In this way, we maintain our international know-how advantage in the field of surface coatings, continue to expand it and establish ourselves in new fields. All to the benefit of our customers. Worldwide.

Map of Impreglon Locations

Impreglon is, of course, DIN EN ISO and VDA certified.

Certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 • Certified in accordance with ISO TS 16949:2009
DuPont Licensed Industrial Applicator • Whitford Quality Approved Coater • Qualicor MKS Quality Label • GTS Certificate

The Management Board

Managing Director

Jörn Großmann

Dr. Jörn Großmann

Managing Director

Group Manager

Carsten Gralla

Group Manager

André-Alexander Steffen

Group Manager

Finance Director

Christian Scholz

Group Manager

Jürgen Süße

Group Manager

The perfect finish – for over 30 years

  1. 1982

    Procurement of a license for a NASA coating technology under the name "Impreglon," in-house coater for Meltex GmbH in Lüneburg

  2. 1983

    Founding of "ChemCoat GmbH" in Lüneburg

  3. 1985

    Renaming of "ChemCoat GmbH" to "Impreglon Deutschland GmbH"; business enters the international marketplace

  4. 1986

    Founding of Impreglon UK Ltd. in Tamworth, UK as the first license holder for Impreglon coatings

  5. 1989

    Complete transformation from an in-house coater to industrial services provider

    Founding of Impreglon BV in Beuningen, Netherlands as a license holder for Impreglon coatings

    Founding of Impreglon SE in Löddeköpinge, Sweden as a license holder for Impreglon coatings

  6. 1990

    Procurement of the worldwide Impreglon licensing rights; acquisition of 100% shares in Impreglon Inc., USA

  7. 1991

    Matsushita Ltd. in Nara, Japan is granted a license for Impreglon coatings

  8. 1992

    Commissioning of the new production site in Beuningen, Netherlands

  9. 1993

    Founding of Impreglon, Inc. in Fairburn, USA as a license holder for Impreglon coatings

  10. 1995

    Impreglon Italia srl in Lainate, Italy becomes a license holder for Impreglon coatings

  11. 1998

    Founding of Impreglon France SA in Pulversheim, France as the first subsidiary

  12. 1999

    Founding of Impreglon Kft in Tatabánya, Hungary as a subsidiary

  13. 2003

    Foundation of Impreglon Schweiz AG in Deitingen, Switzerland as a subsidiary

  14. 2004

    Relocation of plant from Deinigen, Switzerland to Pulversheim, France

    Founding of Impreglon Coating Services AG in Hessigkofen, Switzerland as a license holder

    Acquisition of the Impreglon plant in Nara, Japan by Osaka Gas Chemicals Co., Ltd.

    Transformation of Impreglon GmbH into Impreglon AG

  15. 2005

    Procurement of the worldwide Impreglon licensing rights

  16. 2006

    Impreglon goes public: IPO in the "Entry Standard" on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on 05/31/06; acquisition of 100% of Deckert Oberflächentechnik GmbH shares

  17. 2007

    Acquisition of 100% of shares in Impreglon Ltd., UK, Starnberger Beschichtungen GmbH, Te Strake Surface Technology, Impreglon Kft., Hungary and Impreglon B.V., Holland

  18. 2008

    Acquisition of 100% of shares in Impreglon SA, France and MBJ GmbH

  19. 2009

    Acquisition of 100% of in shares in the Sulzer site Woonsocket, USA and MBJ Walcz, Poland

  20. 2010

    Transformation from Impreglon AG to Impreglon SE and procurement of the "Greencote" licensing rights

    Acquisition of 100% of shares in Gebrüder Linke GmbH and Bodycote Surface Engineering GmbH & Co. KG

  21. 2011

    Acquisition of 100% of shares in Impreglon Sverige AB, Sweden, Impreglon Inc., Baltimore, USA and Impreglon Inc., Milwaukee, USA; acquisition of 75% of shares in Impreglon Lasertechnik GmbH

    Acquisition of the "ChromOptics" licensing rights and "ArmorGalv" licensing rights

    Construction of a new 6,000 m2 coating plant in Lüneburg, Germany, construction of new coating plants in Jessenitz, Germany, Walcz, Poland and Tatabánya, Hungary

  22. 2012

    Acquisition of 100% of shares in RUAG Coatings AG, Switzerland, Julius Mieden GmbH, Impreglon Inc., Houston, USA and Impreglon Australia Pty Ltd., Australia

    Acquisition of 100% if shares in Impreglon Surface Technology Shanghai Ltd. in Shanghai, China

  23. 2013

    Acquisition of 100% of shares in SKR AG, PAC GmbH, Alzi Metallveredelung GmbH, PUT s.r.o., Czech Republic and Top Oberflächen GmbH

  24. 2014

    Acquisition of 100% of shares in Impreglon Inc., Cleveland, USA, van Bronck GmbH, OMT GmbH, Impreglon Inc., Michigan, USA and OCT Ltd./UK; acquisition of 50% of shares in Impreglon Keyontech Shanghai, China

    Aalberts Industries N.V. acquires majority stake

    Acquisition of 100% of shares in PUT s.r.o. in Třemošnice, Czech Republic

  25. 2015

    Delisting of Impreglon SE; merger with GMT Investment AG and conversion to Impreglon GmbH

    Construction of a new coating plant in Deurne, Netherlands