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Welcome to Impreglon Oberflächentechnik in Lüneburg

Impreglon Oberflächentechnik is the place to go for functional coatings based on fluoropolymers, metals, plastics, ceramic and powder coatings. 

For 30 years we have been producing special coatings for industrial applications at our plant in Lüneburg, improving the traction, corrosion resistance, nonstick properties and resistance to wear of your components. We optimize production processes, reduce cleaning and production times, improve product properties and prevent machine downtime. In addition to developing and applying coatings, we take care of all of the other essential services, from procurement and warehousing to delivery of the finished components to the customer.

Our coating services as part of the Impreglon Group

  • Corrosion protection
  • Decorative coating
  • Non-stick coating
  • Slide coating
  • Traction coating
  • Wear protection
  • Antimicrobial treatment
  • Reduction in friction
  • Reduction in noise

Our process services as part of the Impreglon Group

  • Dip spinning
  • Wet painting
  • Powder coating
  • Polymer coating
  • Thermal spraying
  • Drum spraying
  • Chrome Substitute
  • Vacuum coating

Contact & Directions


Impreglon Oberflächentechnik GmbH
Hohenhorststraße 1
21337 Lüneburg

+49 4131 882-10 +49 4131 882-250

Special services

  • Paint stripping
  • Sandblasting
  • Disassembly and assembly
  • Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Pyrolysis
  • Combination coatings

Range of Services Offered by Impreglon Oberflächentechnik in Lüneburg

Quality and know-how
As a coating company certified by ISO, we guarantee optimal, reproducible quality – whether of machine components or serial parts. Quality, on-time delivery, precision and reliability are a matter of course. Our coatings are constantly being enhanced, allowing us to always find the ideal coating for the customer's application. Our manufacturing processes follow the most modern production standards and meet all of the common industry requirements.


Chemical resistance, dry lubrication, sliding properties, resistance to wear, non-stick properties, resistance to impact and scratching, thick coatings and wide range of colors are just a few of the features offered by our coating systems. They facilitate greater production output, quicker cleaning and less machine downtime. Whether pumps, compressors, pistons, fans, mufflers, mixers, baking pans, chutes, rolls, screws, ink pans, glue tanks, ... - We work with you to find the ideal solution for your application.


Using application methods that are gentle on the material and the environment such as dip spinning, drum spraying, thermal spraying, automatic wet and powder coating as well as polymer coating make your components last much longer. MagnaCoat, PlasmaCoat, ChemCoat, TempCoat: These product lines offer a series of proven solutions to optimize applications. Applying a thermal spray coating and then sealing the surface with fluoropolymers enhances the surface by improving wear resistance and non-stick and sliding properties.

Environmentally Safe Cleaning Processes for Components and Equipment

We are proud of our environmentally friendly surface treatment methods. In our indirectly heated pyrolysis cleaning oven, impurities on the surface of parts are decomposed to their organic and inorganic components at temperatures between 380 °C and 430 °C. All of the gas formed during decomposition is conveyed to a thermal afterburner and treated in an environmentally safe way. Then the component is sandblasted to remove any remaining impurities. The clean part can then be used again – no chemicals used and no sewage produced. We can also re-coat parts upon request.

Potential Applications

Our surfaces give many different components additional protection. They are popular in a wide array of industries, such as automotive, food products, machinery manufacturing, chemical, wind energy, aviation, printing, packaging and pharmaceuticals - to name just a few. We will work with you to find the right coating process for your application.

Corrosion Protection Systems - Without Dipping and Heavy Metals

Highly effective protection from corrosion can be achieved with a zinc-aluminum alloy that can be sprayed on. Unlike electroplating, this process requires no bath or dipping, eliminating the risk of hydrogen-induced corrosion/cracking. And a zinc-aluminum coating contains no heavy metals. When god sliding properties are important, the treated surface can then be sealed.

Fluoropolymer Coatings - Nothing Sticks

If non-stick properties are needed, a fluoropolymer-based coating is the solution. Our fluoropolymer coatings can be applied to metallic or non-metallic surfaces. One outstanding feature of these coatings is how well they adhere to the respective base substrate. Our product range also includes polymer- and fluoropolymer-based high built systems that provide a high degree of corrosion resistance.

Thermal Spray Coatings - For the Really Hard Cases

When non-stick or sliding properties are not enough and a very hard surface is needed, thermal spraying is the best solution. With our various spray treatments – wire spraying, flame spraying, high-speed spraying or plasma spraying – we can create metal, ceramic or plastic coatings on metallic as well as non-metallic surfaces.

Decorative Corrosion Protection - Environmentally Safe and Pleasing to the Eye

Powder coating is gaining increasing popularity as an alternative to traditional wet varnishing. And there is a good reason for this trend: It is not only safer to the environment, it produces visually impressive results due to the very precise process. With the powder coatings developed by Impreglon, components can be given just about any properties or combination of properties when it comes to color, sliding, corrosion resistance and non-stick behavior.

Quality Management

As a certified coater, we can be counted on for optimal quality, precision, on-time delivery and reliability. We meet all requirements posed by the industry and apply the most modern production standards - not just on the surface but at every level.

Certified according to:

ISO 9001:2015

IATF 16949:2016

ISO 50001:2011