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Welcome to Impreglon in Moers

Effective 01. September 2016 the former company GF-Flamm-Metallspritz GmbH has been integrated in the Impreglon group and has been renamed to Impreglon Moers GmbH.

The company is specialized on the application of coatings by thermal spraying since 1979. Our coating solutions are suitable for either the protection and functionality of new parts, or for the repair of operationally stressed and worn components. In addition to the coating by different thermal spray processes, we also provide the necessary pre- and final-machining. If required, we can apply our coating also on site.

Our coating services as part of the Impreglon Group:

  • Traction coating
  • Wear Protection

Our process services as part of the Impreglon Group:

  • Thermal Spraying

Contact & Directions


Impreglon Moers GmbH
Altenbruchstraße 10
47447 Moers

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Special services at our location:

  • lathing
  • grinding
  • superfinishing
  • lapping
  • honing

Range of services at the Impreglon Moers

competence & know-how
We understand the needs of our customers, the function of your components and the requirements of each application. Our core competence is the repairing of worn components. We guarantee as a service company short delivery times with excellent coating quality and precise tolerances.

new parts

The rise in the performance and productivity of machinery and equipment increases the stress on the components and requires additional measures to secure the function. Highly stressed surfaces must be protected so that they can withstand the loads. Wear-resistant coatings ensure functionality, increase the service life and provide the desired properties. Many applications are only possible through an application of a coating by thermal spraying.

service and repair

Wear is one of the undesirable side effects in the industrial environment when moving parts are in contact. Changes in part geometry or surface properties lead to a lack of the function or even the failure of the system. With thermal sprayed coatings, the geometry and function of worn components can be recovered and further improve the properties of the surface. Due to our experience we make your components reusable for their application.

scope of application

Our coatings are used in different industrial sectors. Sliding surfaces of piston rods and valve stems, sliding- and sealing seats of turbines-, compressors- and electric motor rotors, bearings-, shrink- and coupling seats of axles and shafts, bearing seats of housings and wheels, sliding surfaces of cylinders and cylinder liners, bearing seats of gears, gear- and pinion shafts, roller surfaces, pins, shaft protection sleeves, sockets and much more.

coating technology

In the thermal spray process, the implemented wire or powder coating material, is accelerated in a molten or partially molten state onto the component to be coated. The various thermal spray processes differ in the shape of the spray material and the type of thermal energy to melt the material and the kinetic energy for accelerating the spray particles. The film properties such as roughness, porosity, adhesion, hardness, wear and corrosion resistance are therefore determined not only by the coating material, but also by the spraying process. The usual thickness for the thermal spraying layer is between one tenth to several millimeters. The thickness depends on the layer and application type. 

coating material

Due to the variety of processable materials Thermal Spraying is superior to many other coating methods. In addition to metals and alloys, hard metals and ceramics can be coated, which enables a specific selection of the material for each application. Material examples for our coating systems are chrome and chrome-nickel steel, nickel and nickel-chromium alloys, nickel or cobalt hard alloys. We also offer copper and aluminum alloys, aluminum bronze and tin alloys (white metal). Molybdenum as well as tungsten- and chromium carbide (metal matrix) are also in our portfolio. We can advise you about the characteristics of the individual materials and work together to find the best solution.

mechanical machining

Depending on the coating material and the desired surface, finish spray coatings are processed by turning or grinding. Due to the hardness of some layers, machining is only possible by grinding with diamond tools. With subsequent processing steps like polishing, lapping, honing or superfinishing, a specific surface roughness can be achieved depending on the function. The processing of sprayed layers requires know-how and the right tools. Only like that can small tolerances in thousandth millimeter range be achieved. Cutting materials and cutting parameters have to be adapted to the coating material, so that the composite layer isn't damaged and a sufficiently long tool life can be reached.


Sophisticated system technology and powerful machines are the foundation, motivated and qualified employees are the key to success. Whether in production during the processing of the components or in the administration in handling your orders, we will do our best.