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Welcome to the website of Impreglon in Tatabánya

Impreglon is your expert in the field of high-quality functional coatings whether we are talking about coatings providing corrosion protection or about fluoropolymer coatings providing resistance to wear , non-stick properties and reduction of friction or about powder coatings and solvent- or water-based coatings offering decorative and weatherproof solutions.

Our Group offers its services on 39  locations in 15 countries around the world in addition to keeping in mind to be near the customers (Right-In-Your-Backyard) and to offer the uniform intragroup standards of quality and technology  (Worldwide Quality Coatings) and the widest possible services (One-Stop-Shop) .

Our plant in Tatabánya built in 1999 as a greenfield investment  has currently – following four extension steps – a production area of 7 800 m2 where coating of metal parts for hire  will be carried out by means of fully automated equipment.

Through our modern technology, our highly motivated staff and our organisation driving continuous improvement and efficiency and thanks to the high quality requirements we offer our partners flexible service and high-quality products and competitive prices.

We offer serial and unique and special surface treatments developed for the automotive industry, railway industry , building of agricultural machines , food industry and construction industry.

Our coating systems

  • Zink flake coatings by using dip spinning process
  • KTL coatings
  • Powder coating
  • Wet paint coatings
  • Zinc thermal diffusion
  • Manual paint spraying

Contact & Directions


Impreglon Kft.
Buzavirag u. 16
2800 Tatabánya

+36 34 514670 +36 34 514680

Other services for work for hire

  • Shot blasting
  • Thermal paint removal
  • Chemical paint removal
  • Installation
  • Logistics
  • Storage