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Impreglon develops and applies high-grade surface coatings for both industry and production.  Coating combinations designed for specific applications based on fluoropolymers, metals, plastics, ceramics, nanostructures and powder coatings provide performance attributes that optimize traction properties, corrosion protection, non-stick properties and resistance to wear of the substrates. Impreglon has its own plants in over ten countries around the world. Since foundation of the company Impreglon Zwönitz the enterprise has distinguished itself as an adaptable, future-oriented wage refining enterprise. Today become in our locations, with about 300 qualified and to high motivated employees, on richly 60,000 m ² industrial surface technically functional as well as decorative coatings at the highest high-class level explained. The most modern leading-computer-controlled investment technology combined with highly motivated employees as well as a radical organisation protect an optimised price / achievement spectrum. Protection, functionality and optics distinguishes the production results. To guarantee this high high-class level, the enterprise disposes of own research units and developing units for the perpetual improvement of the coating technology. Productiveness, quality and environment protection are concepts which are connected inseparably with each other. The most modern arrangements and technologies guarantee a logical adjustment of the enterprise on continuous quality assurance and comprehensive environmental management. This is reflected in the certification after ISO / TS 16949:2009, as well as the Environmental Management and Audit Scheme (correspondent to German Institute for Standardization 14001) again. Impreglon Zwönitz GmbH is a prizewinner of the European EMAS 2007 of the Saxon environmental price in 2008 as well as the German EMAS 2010. In 2010 on more than 10,000 m ² roof surface established solar equipment  arrangement reduces the Impreglon Zwönitz not only her energy costs separate herewith contributes decisively to other issue savings and to the environment protection.

Our coating services as part of the Impreglon Group:

  • zinc
  • zinc – iron
  • zinc – nickel
  • zincphosphate
  • manganese phosphate
  • slicking paint (lacquer)
  • copper
  • nickel
  • tin
  • KTL (duplex)
  • powder coating (duplex)
  • partial plating
  • preserve

Our process services as part of the Impreglon Group:

  • hydrogen de-embrittlement
  • vibratory finishing
  • bulk sandplasting
  • acid cleaning / passivating
  • degreasing in aqueous solutions
  • salt spray test (corrosion test)
  • 100% controlling
  • schoolings & workshops
  • precise packaging to customer specification

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Impreglon Zwönitz GmbH
Lutherstraße 18
08297 Zwönitz

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Process Impreglon Zwönitz

  • more than 20 plating lines (barrel & rack)
  • produced volume per day: up to 350 tons (barrel),
  • more than 1 million pieces (rack)
  • chemical volume: more than 1 million litres of electrolytes

Impreglon Zwönitz coatings / platings

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Zinc - Nickel (Zn-Ni)

The galvanically produced zinc nickel alloy fulfils extremely high corrosion standards of the automobile industry. In the most modern, fully automated arrangements this procedure is brought certainly about process by order.


  • High degree of corrosion resistance of the Zn/Ni coats: no voluminous corrosion products in comparison with zinc coatings.
  • Protection against base metal corrosion: extremely long-term cathodic corrosion protection with practically no risk of hydrogen brittleness when used with all common hydraulic media.
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Zinc (Zn)

Galvanically produced zinc is an actual procedure for the functional and decorative corrosion prevention.


  • brilliant corrosion resistance
  • decorative and functional
  • economic surface protection
  • good temperature resistance
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Znic - Iron (ZnFe)

The zinc iron coating is a galvanic coating procedure for technical and decorative surfaces.


  • Very good corrosion protection
  • Increased temperature resistance, high strength under extreme temperature stress
  • Technical surface with high decorative requirements